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Not that anyone gives a shit
Thanks spam bot, rereading this old post was fun

Philadelphia 76ers
did someone really call you racist? wtf.. how is this racist?
"Perfect is the enemy of creativity. Art should be flawed" - RR

I have given up on this racist shit. It is just a bait word now. I don't see racism in my life, I only see it on the internet or the news.

Philadelphia 76ers
(07-15-2014, 09:14 PM)Neo-eXodus Wrote: [amquote]
Truth. This illegal immigration stuff is but a fraction of what's making the country, and the world, fall astray.


Count on it being in our lifetime. Because it will be. That's a fact not opinion.
Wow over three years talk about flying time. I never conceived this guy running the country. It's the watching it play out in real time that's amazing. The spiraling, the unraveling, the crumbling, the underlying sense that something major is happening and about to happen, is it not obvious? Something is wrong especially with America. 

Yeah I was just bored randomly browsing the forum and read this thread. Interesting and entertaining read but I did and it's way off topic but I'm an OG deal with it. Speaking of immigrants (on topic) wasn't a wall supposed to be  built? (They'll just fly over it! JAAAAAAAAAA!!!!!!!)

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In Dallas at Wizards and in Atlanta at U-Bar.
(07-16-2017, 03:00 AM)Floppy Wrote: I have given up on this racist shit.  It is just a bait word now.  I don't see racism in my life, I only see it on the internet or the news.

Exactly! The great Spike Seagal once said that people would stop caring about race if people would shut up about it. Or something like that.
God bless the 2nd Amendment! Pew Pew Life
Are the people complaining about non-English speaking immigrants the same people who are complaining about the repeal of Columbus Day?

Asking for a friend.
"There are two things to which the Gauls are devoted - the art of war and subtlety of speech."
- M Porcius Cato

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